A Reluctant Bride by Kathleen Fuller – Book Review


Sadie is an Amish woman who works in her parents’ store.  She has two sisters and a happy life except for the bishop’s son who has a drinking problem and makes advances towards Sadie which she cannot tell anyone about.  Sadie’s life is changed tragically when her parents are killed in an accident and one of her sisters is seriously injured.  Sadie has to make some tough decisions and determines to continue running the family store herself, but the bishop has other ideas.  The bishop, who actually has his own selfish interests at heart, tells Sadie that she will not be allowed to own her own business and that if she wants to keep the business she must marry his son.  The bishop has a second son, however, who has always liked Sadie and steps up and rescues Sadie from his alcoholic brother by telling a falsehood and saying that he and Sadie had been seeing each other secretly and want to marry.  Sadie is caught between wanting to keep her family’s business and marrying someone she really doesn’t even know.

This story was a page-turner for me and I read the book quickly.  Kathleen Fuller is a talented writer and paints an Amish picture that is quite different from many of the other Amish fiction books.  Definitely a good read.




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Beautiful Monday

Oh!  I just love Autumn, and today has felt like a wonderful fall day.  I even had a pumpkin smoothie this afternoon for my snack instead of my usual chocolate.  It’s really breezy here and the leaves are falling quickly.

Not so much fall weather for my sister who recently moved to Florida.  She sent me some pictures.  This was the view from her beach towel the other week.


She also has these huge birds that just mosey around the neighborhood.  She said she had to wait for this one to cross the street in front of her.


I asked her if this was the only one crossing (we were texting) and she said no -here are the others!

bird2 And she also has the occasional alligator in the lake beside their house.  She took a picture of that but it’s hard to tell what it is.  She said when they get about 5 feet long the authorities come and get them.   We decided it probably wouldn’t be a good kayaking place!


I’ve been enjoying this beautiful day, working, reading, and having spaghetti sauce simmer in the crock pot all day.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful day, too.

Happy Monday :)




Great Day

Today was a very good day.  Well, almost all of my days are very good ones, actually.  It was Andy’s day off so we took the opportunity to do errands that needed to be done and everything went well.  Andy’s license had expired so we needed to go to DMV to renew that and while we were there I needed to get a new sticker for one of Jerry’s trailers.  After waiting a good while for my number to be called, I was told that I had to go to a full service MVA to do what I needed to do.   Jerry and I had stopped at this MVA a month or so ago and asked about this, and they told us then that we could do it right there once we brought the paperwork in.  Wrong.

Sometimes I think they’re not all on the same page there.  Also, this is the third time I’ve taken Andy there to renew his license; the first time they told him he didn’t have the proper paperwork, so the second time he brought the paperwork they told him to bring, and that time he was told that the lady who told him the first information was wrong and that he actually needed something else!  To be on the safe side, today we took multiple items just in case.  Overkill, maybe, but it worked!

As we were on our way to the emissions station to have my truck tested, I passed a tag and title place and decided to stop there.  With no trouble at all, they gave me a sticker for Jerry’s trailer.  Easy peasy.  Although they did charge more, it was totally worth it for the time, trouble and gas I would have spent going to another MVA.

Then we went to Safeway where I stocked up on liquid stevia.  I can’t find it anywhere else as cheaply and since I rarely shop that Safeway or go that direction, I stock up when I can.  I also got to hug Tyneaka (you may remember her from this post).  Since I haven’t shopped there much, I have missed her and her smile.  She had some serious health problems that resulted from weight reduction surgery that had her in the hospital more than out, but now she is healed and feeling great.  It was so good to see her today.

Then Andy and I went to Yo Mamma’s (love that name!) for wings for lunch.  We’ve never been there before.  They were okay, but truthfully, I like Pizza Hut’s Wingstreet wings better.

Then, to top it off, my sister texted me this morning to tell me about the new Dove Channel that is available starting today.  It is a channel featuring only Christian and family programming with over 700 selections.  I was able to get it streamed through our Wii U which is what we stream Netflix through.  I’m looking forward to checking it out.

So, today was a really great day.  Okay – with one exception – I have typed this entire blog post while being on hold with the health insurance company to try to take care of something with them.  I have been on hold now exactly……let me check my phone…..41 minutes and 10 seconds.  Guess I’ll start writing my next book review while I’m still on hold.

Hope your day was great.  Happy Tuesday :)

Edited to add:  At 45 minutes the call was answered and within 10 minutes everything was taken care of.  Yes, indeed, it was a good day.



For The Love, by Jen Hatmaker – Book Review

This book review is difficult to write.  I do not like to give negative reviews because we are not all the same and do not all appreciate the same art forms, or writing styles.  That said, I really did not enjoy this book.  The full title of this book is For the Love, Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards.  I was excited to begin the book as it started with such promise.  But at the end I was still wondering when she was going to get to the point of Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards.

I feel the book is very disjointed and is really a series of blog post-like essays.  There were about two points in the book that I felt were good, but other than that I got nothing from it.  While some of her humor was amusing, most of it was not.  I do not know the author personally, but her writing came off as arrogant some of the time, which I felt was the direct opposite of what I thought she was supposed to be writing about.  In summary, I really cannot recommend this book.  I was truly looking forward to what I thought was the premise of this book; it’s a shame it did not deliver that, in my opinion.


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Happy Thursday!

Wow – sorry, my faithful readers.  All three of you.  Remember way back yonder when I said I’d post a picture of the watermelon in my garden tomorrow?  Yeah…sorry about that.  If anyone is still interested, here is the picture I took then.  It’s kind of hard to see.  It is on the ground on the grass,  outside of the wooden enclosure.  I raised a noncomformist watermelon.  This is only one of them; there are two but actually they haven’t grown very much since I took this picture.


I know I haven’t been here much except for book reviews.  So – if I haven’t emailed you and was supposed to, I will soon.  If I’m supposed to be sending you something and you haven’t gotten it yet, you will soon.  If I had a card for you that you don’t know about yet but I intended for you, you will get that soon.  It’s been a busy few weeks and I took a bit of a blogging break.  Well, apparently, since I haven’t returned emails or sent things I was supposed to send, I guess I took an end-of-summer break from everything, didn’t I?!

Well, anyway, Happy Thursday to all my peeps.  I hope all of you have a wonderful day.  I will leave you with this picture of a butterfly that was on my truck when I came out of the grocery store last week.  Beautiful!



The Plain Choice by Sherry Gore – Book Review

I really liked this book, The Plain Choice, A True Story of Choosing to Live an Amish Life.  It is a memoir by Sherry Gore.  Sherry tells a story of a less-than-ideal childhood and then searching for an identity for herself in her teenage and young adult years.  She actually made new identities for herself a few times, but each time led to more problems and more heartache.  She was living what this world would deem to be a good life; she had gone from being homeless and sleeping underneath a lifeguard stand to being a DJ in a fancy California store that only caters to celebrities, but she still felt something missing, and fell back into her old ways of trying to find herself.

A neighbor had been asking her repeatedly to go to church with her but Sherry always declined until one day she figured she would go, just so the neighbor would stop asking.  And that’s when God stepped in.  She emerged from that church service a changed person and the rest of the story is about her search for a community where she could live the lifestyle she felt God calling her to live, which ultimately led her to an Amish/Mennonite community.

I really enjoyed this book, and I admire Sherry’s courage for following where God was leading, despite what people thought and said.



Her Brother’s Keeper by Beth Wiseman – Book Review


This book, Her Brother’s Keeper, is part of the Amish Secrets series by Beth Wiseman.  The main character, Charlotte, pretends to be a relative of an Amish family and goes to stay with them so that she can find out why her brother, who became Amish later in life, committed suicide.

The story is a good one and it kept my attention until the end.  The family Charlotte is staying with as Mary becomes suspicious and then she is found out.  Charlotte (Mary) eventually finds out about her brother but the twists that the story takes will keep you reading until the end.   In all, a very good book that I enjoyed.


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Catching Up

I have some catching up to do.  I have been absent in the blogosphere lately.

We had our yard sale.  It was so-so.  We are consigning everything that’s left to the local auction house.  No more yard sales!

I enjoyed talking with the people who came to the yard sale.  At one point things were slow so I brought out my bubble mix and wands.  We had a few people ask what they were and they wanted to try them out.

There was one grandmother from Puerto Rico who did not speak English who was enjoying herself making bubbles.  She was a character.  Her daughter and granddaughter were with her and she wanted to buy EVERYTHING including a very large glass curio cabinet, but when her daughter would ask her if she was talking to us about furniture, she would deny it!  Her daughter had to repeatedly remind her that she couldn’t ship those things back to Puerto Rico when she goes home.  One of the things the grandmother did get was a gun-shaped lighter!

Speaking of lighters, my great uncle collected them so we must have at least 50 or so.  There are a few valuable ones but I didn’t put those out for the yard sale.  Those are for eBay.  We put out the garden variety Zippos from the 1950s and 1960s, and sadly one of them was stolen.  We discovered it when we were cleaning up afterwards.  I think it’s sad that someone had to steal a lighter from a yard sale.  I didn’t get angry; I prayed for whoever stole it because that’s a sad thing to do.

Then Sunday as I was recovering from the yard sale (that was a LOT of work!), I got a cookie order.  I have spent the last several days baking and decorating cookies which were shipped out this afternoon.  Work has been going on as usual, also.  Now I need to write an overdue book review and get back to my walking.  I really miss the early mornings out there.

My garden is being taken over by cucumbers which have decided they are happier climbing up my pepper plants, and two watermelons decided they’d be happier growing OUTSIDE the garden wall and in the yard.  I’ll post pictures of those tomorrow.

Happy Monday, everyone :)


Cookout and Bubbles!

I have not walked in a few days and I miss it.  I will be returning to it shortly, though.

My sister and her family were here last Saturday and we had a great time.  They are moving to Florida in two weeks and not knowing when I’ll see them again, I took quite a few pictures.  Here are my niece and nephew arriving….


And my brother-in-law and sister arriving…(my sister was already out and unloading things from the back seat).  They brought things for our yard sale this Saturday, hence the two vehicles.


Jerry and Andy playing cornhole.


My niece and nephew playing cornhole.


Then we ate.  A lot.  No pictures of that – too busy eating.

So that was Saturday.  Monday Jerry and I made a bubble wand and bubble soap.  I got the idea from this post.

There were HUGE bubbles!  We spent a good part of the afternoon outside making bubbles and when Andy came home from work we went back out to make more!  If you get a chance you should seriously do this.  It is so much fun.

bubble1 You’re never too old for bubbles.


Happy Wednesday to everyone :)



A Dog-less walk

No walk for me today but I did walk yesterday morning and went 4.47 miles with NO dogs, thankfully.  Yesterday while walking I counted 12 goldfinches up above me on a wire.  They were so bright and pretty.  Today has been pretty uneventful.  I have worked and finished reading the latest book for review.  It was pretty good.

Now I’m about to eat dinner, watch an old show on Netflix and relax for the evening, maybe start another book.  Happy Wednesday, everyone :)