The Plain Choice by Sherry Gore – Book Review

I really liked this book, The Plain Choice, A True Story of Choosing to Live an Amish Life.  It is a memoir by Sherry Gore.  Sherry tells a story of a less-than-ideal childhood and then searching for an identity for herself in her teenage and young adult years.  She actually made new identities for herself a few times, but each time led to more problems and more heartache.  She was living what this world would deem to be a good life; she had gone from being homeless and sleeping underneath a lifeguard stand to being a DJ in a fancy California store that only caters to celebrities, but she still felt something missing, and fell back into her old ways of trying to find herself.

A neighbor had been asking her repeatedly to go to church with her but Sherry always declined until one day she figured she would go, just so the neighbor would stop asking.  And that’s when God stepped in.  She emerged from that church service a changed person and the rest of the story is about her search for a community where she could live the lifestyle she felt God calling her to live, which ultimately led her to an Amish/Mennonite community.

I really enjoyed this book, and I admire Sherry’s courage for following where God was leading, despite what people thought and said.



Her Brother’s Keeper by Beth Wiseman – Book Review

This book, Her Brother’s Keeper, is part of the Amish Secrets series by Beth Wiseman.  The main character, Charlotte, pretends to be a relative of an Amish family and goes to stay with them so that she can find out why her brother, who became Amish later in life, committed suicide.

The story is a good one and it kept my attention until the end.  The family Charlotte is staying with as Mary becomes suspicious and then she is found out.  Charlotte (Mary) eventually finds out about her brother but the twists that the story takes will keep you reading until the end.   In all, a very good book that I enjoyed.


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Catching Up

I have some catching up to do.  I have been absent in the blogosphere lately.

We had our yard sale.  It was so-so.  We are consigning everything that’s left to the local auction house.  No more yard sales!

I enjoyed talking with the people who came to the yard sale.  At one point things were slow so I brought out my bubble mix and wands.  We had a few people ask what they were and they wanted to try them out.

There was one grandmother from Puerto Rico who did not speak English who was enjoying herself making bubbles.  She was a character.  Her daughter and granddaughter were with her and she wanted to buy EVERYTHING including a very large glass curio cabinet, but when her daughter would ask her if she was talking to us about furniture, she would deny it!  Her daughter had to repeatedly remind her that she couldn’t ship those things back to Puerto Rico when she goes home.  One of the things the grandmother did get was a gun-shaped lighter!

Speaking of lighters, my great uncle collected them so we must have at least 50 or so.  There are a few valuable ones but I didn’t put those out for the yard sale.  Those are for eBay.  We put out the garden variety Zippos from the 1950s and 1960s, and sadly one of them was stolen.  We discovered it when we were cleaning up afterwards.  I think it’s sad that someone had to steal a lighter from a yard sale.  I didn’t get angry; I prayed for whoever stole it because that’s a sad thing to do.

Then Sunday as I was recovering from the yard sale (that was a LOT of work!), I got a cookie order.  I have spent the last several days baking and decorating cookies which were shipped out this afternoon.  Work has been going on as usual, also.  Now I need to write an overdue book review and get back to my walking.  I really miss the early mornings out there.

My garden is being taken over by cucumbers which have decided they are happier climbing up my pepper plants, and two watermelons decided they’d be happier growing OUTSIDE the garden wall and in the yard.  I’ll post pictures of those tomorrow.

Happy Monday, everyone :)


Cookout and Bubbles!

I have not walked in a few days and I miss it.  I will be returning to it shortly, though.

My sister and her family were here last Saturday and we had a great time.  They are moving to Florida in two weeks and not knowing when I’ll see them again, I took quite a few pictures.  Here are my niece and nephew arriving….


And my brother-in-law and sister arriving…(my sister was already out and unloading things from the back seat).  They brought things for our yard sale this Saturday, hence the two vehicles.


Jerry and Andy playing cornhole.


My niece and nephew playing cornhole.


Then we ate.  A lot.  No pictures of that – too busy eating.

So that was Saturday.  Monday Jerry and I made a bubble wand and bubble soap.  I got the idea from this post.

There were HUGE bubbles!  We spent a good part of the afternoon outside making bubbles and when Andy came home from work we went back out to make more!  If you get a chance you should seriously do this.  It is so much fun.

bubble1 You’re never too old for bubbles.


Happy Wednesday to everyone :)



A Dog-less walk

No walk for me today but I did walk yesterday morning and went 4.47 miles with NO dogs, thankfully.  Yesterday while walking I counted 12 goldfinches up above me on a wire.  They were so bright and pretty.  Today has been pretty uneventful.  I have worked and finished reading the latest book for review.  It was pretty good.

Now I’m about to eat dinner, watch an old show on Netflix and relax for the evening, maybe start another book.  Happy Wednesday, everyone :)



Rain, Scary Dog and Hanging Mirror

Catchy title, huh?!  Saturday I didn’t walk because it was raining and thundering.  Normally I don’t exercise on Sundays but I switched Saturday for Sunday this week and walked Sunday morning.  I started walking at 7:01 and walked 4.50 miles.  During the walk a really large dog walked out of a neighborhood onto the road where I was.  He (she?) just stood there and watched me approaching.  It was a beautiful dog, it looked to be part husky and part German Shepherd, but very big.  I carry pepper spray with me and got that in my hand and unlocked it.  Of course, I’ve never had to actually use it, so who’s to say I wouldn’t just go screaming like a lunatic and forget to spray the stuff?  Anyway, I just kept walking and didn’t make eye contact with the dog.  As I got to it, it started wagging its tail and trotting alongside me.  I didn’t pay any attention to it but it kept pace right beside me for a little while, then dropped back further and further until I rounded a corner and didn’t see it anymore.  Whew!  That was a little bit scary for me.   That dog just about came up to my waist.  Now, I am short but he was a really large dog.  I would have gotten a picture to show you, but A) I was holding my pepper spray with a death grip, and B) I wasn’t about to stop to take a picture!

The rest of the day was very relaxing.  This was yesterday’s pickings from my garden.


On my way to pick Andy up from work yesterday evening, my mirror just fell down off my windshield!  I was laughing so hard because people were passing me, staring at the mirror which was just dangling and swinging back and forth.  I must have really looked a sight because I was laughing really hard all the way down the road – and praying that a policeman didn’t stop me!  My windshield had cracked a while back and we had a new windshield put in, and evidently they didn’t affix the mirror back so well!  Jerry took my truck to the windshield place this morning and they fixed it with no problems.  It was still a very funny sight, and after I picked Andy up, we were both laughing like hyenas driving back home with it like that.   I took this picture where Andy works, waiting for him to come out – again, laughing to myself and getting strange looks!


I didn’t walk this morning.  Andy had to be at work at 4:00 AM this morning and by the time we got back from taking him it had started raining, so that seemed like the perfect excuse to go back to bed.  Today I worked and started putting together my lists for this weekend’s cookout and the yard sale the following week.  I’m a list maker.  Something therapeutic about crossing things off of a list.

So that was my weekend and my Monday.  Happy New Week, everyone :)




Happy Friday, everyone.  I hope you have had a good day, and I hope you have a good weekend ahead of you.

Last night when I went to pick Andy up from work, this is what the sky looked like going out of my community.  It was so beautiful I had to pull off the road and take a picture.  God is so awesome to give us such beauty.

clouds Today was a good walking day.   I started walking at 7:08.  It was humid but there was a nice breeze.  I walked 4.55 miles.  Then I came home, ate breakfast which was greek yogurt with hemp powder, blueberries and stevia (sounds disgusting but is actually very tasty!), made spaghetti sauce to put in the crock pot for dinner and worked.

Next Saturday my sister and family are coming over for a cookout as they are moving to Florida soon.  I have good things planned for that and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.  The Saturday after that will be our next yard sale, so I’ll be busy getting things ready for that, too.

But right now on this Friday night?  I’m not worried about any of that.  I have had a good spaghetti dinner (I had mine with squash noodles instead of pasta – again, sounds disgusting, but is actually very tasty!), along with a glass of Pinot Noir, and now I shall have my tea, read a bit of the book I’m currently reading for review, and then it’s off to bed for me.

Happy Friday to everyone :)


Thursday’s Post

Hmm… couldn’t think of a title for today’s post, so there ya go.  Short and to the point!

I put my new shoes through their paces this morning.  Paces – get it?!  Ahem.  Moving on.  They definitely feel different than what I’m used to, but in a good way.  My feet feel very free in these.  I walked somewhere around 4.5 miles today.  I’m not sure of the exact mileage because somewhere around 4 miles I looked at my phone where I have the app running while I walk, and instead of showing me my stats, the screen said “Unable to take picture, photo memory full.  Go to Settings.”  That might have been okay except I wasn’t trying to take a picture at all!  Then I couldn’t get that off the screen and my phone was frozen.  I had to reset it when I got home to get it to work again.  Hope that doesn’t happen again.  I left a little later and I was surprised at how much warmer it was.  I started walking at 7:28 this morning.   I only saw one other lady out walking, and no wildlife today.

Today was a usual day and a good one.  I walked, worked, wrote a book review, cooked bratwurst on the grill for dinner, watched Adam 12 with hubby and now am writing this.  We love those old shows on Netflix.  I’ll be heading out to pick up Andy from work shortly and then it’s tea time and bed time.   Happy Thursday :)


Undone by Michele Cushatt – Book Review


This book’s full title is Undone, a Story of Making Peace With an Unexpected Life.  In this book the author tells her story of how her life was turned upside down by a diagnosis of cancer, and then being asked to raise three small children after she had already raised three of her own.

At first I thought the story was a little too slow-moving, and at times she seemed to drag out the drama and her complaining about her circumstances, but as I kept reading, I understood that this was exactly the point she was trying to make.  In the midst of her circumstances she was trying to rely on herself and was not resting in God’s comfort and not asking anyone else for help, even when things got overwhelming.
I enjoyed this book and recommend it.  Even when our lives get turned upside down by unexpected circumstances, there is always One who is with us, even when we don’t recognize it.


I am a BookLook blogger and am provided books for review in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.


It’s The Little Things.

Today I got my walk in, but it had to be shorter than usual because Andy had to be at work very early this morning.  I started walking at 6:15 and went 2.63 miles.  I jogged a little of it, but not much.  There was one other lady out walking.  The only wildlife I saw was a rabbit who ran across the road in front of me and a mockingbird serenading me from an overhead electric line as I walked by.

I got new shoes today.  They are bright and I love them!  I have had my last two pairs of shoes professionally fitted and it seems the more structured the shoe, the more my feet hurt.  A while back I got so frustrated while on the treadmill that I pulled my shoes off and finished the rest of my workout in my socks.  And my feet never felt better.  I said a while back I was going to invest in these shoes but I never did until now.  Meet my new Nike Free’s.  No professional fitting, just going with what I think this time.


This is today’s pickings from my garden.  My green beans are not very prolific this year.


And last but not least, I actually enjoyed filling up my gas-hog of a truck today.  Last night when I did my grocery shopping at Giant I did a few gas deals.  This week they have double gas points on Visa gift cards.  I bought $200.00 worth of Visa gift cards, got double points for that, then did two gas deals buying the products that gave extra gas points and then used the Visa gift cards to pay for my groceries.  After my discount today I paid $16.80 to fill my tank.  Here’s the receipt.  It’s kind of hard to read, but I like what it says at the bottom – that I spent $16.80 and saved $38.05.  That is definitely okay with me.


So, a good day.  Well, most of my days are good, but the little things like fresh garden produce, new shoes, and saving twice the amount that I spent makes me smile a little bigger.

Happy Wednesday :)